Opening February 4

from 1 to 5 pm

Karlavägen 5

114 24 Stockholm

By the means of meticulously drawn images of her body and its oddities, Josefin Lindskog not only confirms her existence, she screams out it out for all to hear. Her images are graphite drawings that range from full-body images to detail cut-outs. Some approach a status of abstraction where her skin turns into landscapes of deep crevasses and unidentified shapes. The own body is always the starting point for Josefin Lindskogs artistic production, but the results can vary depending on how closely she looks.

The subject of Josefin Lindskogs art is the body as a site for creating identity as well as the dichotomy of how the body is perceived by yourself and others. She views her own body with mixed feelings, a combination of pleasure and fear. For the body can perform miraculous things but it can also betray you. It can silently carry deadly diseases and it can let you down in the most crucial moments. Photographing her body and sketching these images in graphite is Josefin Lindskogs artistic process as much as it is a private process in which she takes control of her own body.

Josefin Lindskog maps out spaces for herself with her self-documentary process. Her body is allowed to transgress its boundaries into other spaces and rooms. It is a way for the artist to make herself heard. The humour in her images is disarming and they evocate a feeling of affinity and recognition. We as spectators are able to create meaning in her images from experiences of our own bodies as the body is both universal and highly unique. It is simultaneously private and public, it is for Josefin Lindskog, an endless source of inspiration.

text by Johanna Theander

Josefin Lindskog holds a BFA in Textile Art and Design from the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack), Stockholm, as well as a BFA in set and costume design from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (Dramatiska Institutet).